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Please steer clear Todd Spenla and Microbanc. He is a fraudster, and dishonest even in his personal details of his background and his relationships.

He has been even evicted from his home in new york and left his landlady in the lurch. His partner even took his email address away from him. He has gone underground for the time being but he will resurface and attempt to steal again. I read carefully the US court filings and he is now claiming all the press releases he issued were actually not posted by him.

That is absurd and all we can do is point out his untruthfullness and warn others to not do business with him. As his partners are all suing him that should be enough evidence. Just stay away. He has portrayed himself as a business partner and associate of my employer and it is wrong and criminal to do this thing.

He has no valid connections. The courts will decide.

We intend to issue a press release to major media shortly distancing ourself from this creepy guy.

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While this is not a direct response from a consumer of Todd Spenla’s business dealings- so called business—it’s believed that no real business actually takes place between TS and his clients. He is fraudulent corrupt and crooked.

THIS IS a landlord beware notice, and tangentially retailed to all the other postings on the Internet. Todd Spenla has been evicted, yet again. On Aug. 13, 2011 a NYC Marshal placed an eviction and order to vacate letter on the door of his apartment.

Just a small amount of research reveals that this is probably his third eviction. There are probably more. Landlords beware, because he never paid his rent the entire eight months he lived in the apartment on the lower east side. He and his partner lived for free.

Causing much disruption, endless disturbances and even taunting of other neighbors, TODD SPENLA and his partner were the worst tenants EVER to live on Lower East Side. Pathologically lying from month to month in order to maintain a residence, finding ways not to pay the rent, he managed to stay in the apartment for eight long months. He is truly a creepy person. All the other residents of the building suffered deeply while he (they) resided there as tenants.

The police came to the building about a dozen times within that eight-month period, as they were causing disruptions to the entire neighborhood- A result of the couple’s constant fighting.

NYC LANDLORDS BEWARE! Never rent an apartment to this guy.

THE neighborhood is such a better place without him.


Todd Spenla ought to emigrate to Mars and remain there for good! :x :zzz

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