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This rebuttal comes from the desk of Todd Spenla, Senior Managing Member and CEO of Microbanc, LLC. The above posting clearly comes from a disgruntled former employee. It is poorly written and contains a host of misrepresentations and inaccuracies. I will address each claim separately.

Firstly, Microbanc is a New York based global investment banking group. Our firm specializes in advising and raising capital for micro-cap and startup companies in a variety of sectors. My colleagues and I have a plethora of professional credentials in the investment banking and advisory industry. Our past successes have enabled Microbanc clients to raise hundreds of millions of dollars to help fund their respective ventures. Microbanc has a long list of success stories - over two dozen completed transactions. Even during the present financial crisis, we have managed to navigate our clients with successful outcomes.

Secondly, we are, indeed, a retained firm for consulting services which include: advisement, valuations, preparing institutional quality business plans and proformas, Private Placement Memoranda (PPM), subscription documents, and, of course, providing exposure to our Rolodex of accredited investors in the capital markets. We pride ourselves in being a very selective with whom we work, and provide a full range of services to our clients. Our goal is to be a "one stop shop" for micro-cap and startup companies - that is Microbanc's motto.

Thirdly, we participate in a number of charities. In fact, I am an assistant golf coach at NYU in my spare time, and receive a salary of $1 per year. I am very active within the NYU community, as well as my alma mater, Florida State University, where I received a full athletic scholarship.

Fourthly, Microbanc's corporate headquarters is based in New York City. We maintain a strong syndicate of partners that participate with us on a deal-by-deal basis. As such, Microbanc enjoys a tremendous deal-flow, allowing us to attract a "best of breed" client list with whom we work on a confidential basis. At Microbanc, we pride ourselves on providing personalized service and maintaining exceptional client relationships. This is our credo and why we created the firm in that the larger investment banks lack this one on one personalized service.

Finally, neither Microbanc nor I have ever been sued or involved in any lawsuits. If there are any inquiries about specific information regarding Microbanc and its activities, please contact us at the below referenced numbers.

Very sincerely your,

Todd SpenlaManaging Partner/

Dennis Dannel, Jr917-331-7804Managing

Sebastian Correa347-393-6211Managing

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I would also like to add my 2 cents. I had the misfortune of working with this narcissistic, incompetent and self serving ***...circa 1996. He started out as a H.R. person at a NASDAQ boiler room was summarily fired for being inept in the mid 90's. I can attest that he does in fact have multiple judgments against him after having been introduced to him to start a venture capital firm.

He has delusions of Grandeur.







Microbanc investment banks client won the bid for Death Row Records and had a client that wanted to buy the famed west coast rap record label that created gangster Rap in the 1980's that was made famous by Tupac, Snoop Dog, Dr Drea's the Chronic. Our client had 24 Million in escrow that the Microbanc team raised and CEO, Todd Spenla had a DEATH ROW Xbox deal ready, had Damon Dash signed up to be the Co Chairman with Todd Spenla based in our Tribeca office and a well thought out business plan to exploit and remix the tracks that sold to date over 750 million and then decided there was too much contingency liability to invest in the label while the record label business was in a bit of a decline at the time.

There was rumors of litigation from other groups that were competing bidders but nothing happened. Microbanc was never sued, served or anything like this, it was nonsense and just a bunch of rumors. We spent a year and over 1 million dollars in due duligence, legal fees and escrow agents etc trying to buy the label out of bankruptcy court and along with Warner Music and a number of other large labels we decided to pass on the transaction.

Todd Spenla




I sued Todd Spenla aka Microbanc in Federal Court and Won.See "Alliance Capital, Ron Goldberg -v- Microbanc Bank,LLC, Todd Spenla,"


District Court for the S.D.

of New York (Manhattan), case number 08-CIV-9345.

Todd Spenla violates confidentialy, and interfers with business.If you wish more info on Todd Spenla contact me at 212-709-8310.

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