Todd Spenla is Senior Managing Member and CEO of Microbanc, LLC, a New York based global investment banking group. Microbanc specializes in advising and raising capital for micro-cap and startup companies in a variety of sectors. The professionals at Microbanc have a plethora of professional credentials in the investment banking and advisory industry.

Our past successes have enabled Microbanc clients to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for their respective ventures. We have a long list of success stories - over a dozen completed transactions. Even during the present financial crisis, we have managed to navigate our clients with successful outcomes.

We are a retained firm. The retainer is used during the due diligence phase and pays for consulting services which include: advisement, valuations, preparing an institutional quality business plan and proforma, a Private Placement Memoranda (PPM), subscription documents, and, of course, providing exposure to our Rolodex of accredited investors in the capital markets. We pride ourselves in being a very selective with whom we work, and provide a full range of services to our clients. Our goal is to be a "one stop shop" for micro-cap and startup companies - that is Microbanc's motto.

Microbanc's corporate headquarters is based in New York City. However, we maintain a strong syndicate of partners, worldwide, that participate with us on a deal-by-deal basis. As such, Microbanc enjoys a tremendous deal-flow, allowing us to attract a "best of breed" client list with whom we work on a confidential basis. At Microbanc, we pride ourselves on providing personalized service and maintaining exceptional client relationships. This is our credo.

If you would like to retain our services or have any specific inquiries regarding Microbanc and its activities, please email us at microbanc.com or at the below referenced number.

Very sincerely yours,

Todd SpenlaManaging Partner/ CEO646-642-0808tspenla@microbanc.com

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