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I need to alert other people because I am a victim of Todd Spenla's brokering.Todd Spenla, Microbanc, New York City is a pathological liar and thief.

Todd Spenla currently has four lawsuits against him from 'clients' that paid him a retainer fee to perform. His m.o. is to ask for a retainer fee upfront and promise to deliver executed deals. Beware of Todd Spenla.

Do not give your hard-earned money to this common thief. Todd Spenla masquerades as a very successful NY broker, all the wile his "office" is a former garage in his home. Todd Spenla is nothing but a common golf instructor. He even gives golf instructors a bad name.

All you have to do is Google Todd Spenla. Todd Spenla is discredited by many and respected by none. All you will see is lawsuits one after another against him and Microbanc, which is his company. The other 'clients' are trying to get their retainers back, but have not been able to.

The only money that Todd Spenla, this disgusting excuse of a human being, has made this past year is those unfulfilled retainers.

Save your money, yourself, and a potential headache.Don't do business with this shyster, Todd Spenla.


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Flushing, New York, United States #1246150

Todd Spenla passed away on the 12th of November. This can be verified on the public database of the Miami-Dade medical examiner.

New York, New York, United States #1031663

After careful investigation regarding this post PLEASE BE ADVISED that the malicious review was posted by an angry ex-girlfriend whose significant other is a competitor.Venting her frustrations regarding Todd Christopher Spenla through libel.

Unfortunately the burden of proof is on Mr. Spenla that is how these sites works.

Although it should ask for the alleged complainant to bare some burden prior to publishing poisonous words thus tarnishing a descent man's reputation.Name calling is not a professional approach to discredit someone, this rant of a post is obviously of personal nature.


Mr. Murdoch,

In regards to your response on Dec. 7th, 2011; please provide the name of your company and a contact # if you really are a satisfied client.

The fact of the matter is there is not a single response I have seen in defense of Todd where the person posting can be positively identified. Further, I have never been able to identify a company Todd did business with that would verify his competence.

I suspect Murdoch is yet another fictitious person Todd made up.


Todd is a great guy and has increased our firm capital tremendously. He is very successful and with that comes scrutiny from others. He owns a few luxury apartments/lofts throughout lower manhattan and is a wonderful guy to do business with as well as interact with socially.


Mr. Schniederman,

I find it pathetic that a simple google search of your name turns up nothing, notta, scratch, zilch, zippo...

Come on Todd, if you have to impersonate someone to get a positive post into cyberspace, at least use a common name... It doesn't take a college education to figure that out does it?

Looks to me like your worlds are colliding. May you get everything you deserve in life. ...10 fold

to Insulted New York, New York, United States #1031660

The pathetic part is your post.The finance world doesn't care about the "Insulted" it cares about the ones who profited from Mr Spenla's work.

Just like any operation has risks that is much smaller percentage wise compared to great healthy outcomes so do investments. Biggest banks have people defaulting on their loans and no one writes BS blogs about them. Like I mentioned before this ridiculous, unfounded campaign to ruin Mr Spenal's image is preposterous. This is not 3rd grade!!

Todd Spenla is a decent, experienced, hard working professional who's name and reputation is 2nd to none. Please refrain from childish posts on this poisonous blog.

Spend the time you are wasting on this blog making money, much more fulfilling.



Julie Julie, You sound like a mess and misinformed.


What is written by Joel S is all lies that Todd just bought a $ 4 mill apt.How do I know ?

He just got evicted from the building where I live 262 Broome St for not paying rent.The guy is a *** who brorrowed money from the tenants in the building claiming he was broke and hard up.

Hey Todd where is my $ 150 you owe me ???

to Julie New York, New York, United States #1031643

Not sure how close you are to his ex who had lost her mind trying to destroy Todd's image on the net but it is not working.His career has taken off regardless and this $ 150 you bring up is barely lunch these days, I am sure you reciprocated to something Mr Spenla purchased for you and are now just adding fuel to the fire by misconstruing the situation.

"Girl power" is for cartoon characters and just because he wouldn't give you the time of day personally that does not give you the right to bad mouth a good man. Anyone's financial status is their private business just as I am sure you would like to keep yours.

Sad day when a woman turns into something like you, petty and bitter.Good luck to you and I will pray for you.



Todd Spenla is a wealthy hedge fund Manager, what happened did you lose money in one of his clients he was advising. Why are you posting ***. Do you know Todd Spenla, he just bought a 4M Apartment at 40 Mercer street, his neighbor is Brad Pitt and Anj Jolie.

Although you are correct Microbanc charges a 100k plus retainer for them to take you on as a client. I know for a fact he just raised a lifesciences company 14M and his fee was 1.7MM.

Joel Schniederman

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