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Todd Spenla - What can be said. A rotten ***, no joke. I had been employed at the same place as he. Let me say. He has done very dishonest things. Talked down, humiliated people. Lied about investments-profits job history, employment, success history and everything in general. Feel free to look up his work or other employment related biz history and all in between!!!

Go check his companies. he is the reason the usa is in turmoil, as a contributor of course. what honest has he done. NOTHING. there a numerous complaints of him everywhere he has been. why?? THE LAW Will RESOLVE This!!

You friend Chatfield - DEAN!

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who may you be YKP. Identify yourself cowardly

person. Elliot Gayer was atleast a trusted partner with Todd Spenla while a partner at Microbanc. These guys did alot of business. Todd was the aggressive one and Elliot was the lawyer. As I believe their partnership just went in opposite directions.

I know of atleast 6 companies these guys gave valuable advice to and raised capital for.

YKP you sounbd like a jilted ex lover. Sorry I call them the way I see them. LAst time I saw Todd he was driving a 150k Aston Martin and had on a Rose gold AP on his wrist that was not less than 75,000. I dont think he is hurting and seemed to have many many clients. As for Elliot Gayer. I heard he went on his own as a ppm writer advisor.



This is the funniest blog. Wow bored umemployed losers.


Todd Spenla works for a multi billion dollar hedge fund and has raised tens of millions of dollars for private companies. I am a client and he advised and raised our business 5M with in a 90 day period.

YKP sounds like a low end worker that worked for Mr. Spenla in another lifetime.

Tom Styler



Heh, EG,

EG Wrote;

"@ Chatfield Dean during the entire time Spenla worked their"

do you mean (your last 2 words) "WORKED THERE"

What the heck does ''worked their'' define.

do you speak english.

this is not a rant about chatfield & dean.

why did you bring that up. you speak as if you have at most a junior high school education. you should not be allowed to work anywhere - so if C & D hired you, omg they must be selling investments to monkeys??

as for managers,

do you mean the guy w/Todd - Charles C.

a) SICK, disgusting midget, you ate him??

or do you men b) Elliot??

regardless - you do NOT decide who gets to say what, except at your trial.

If you Like your BF Todd Spenla SO SO Much, drop your lawsuit and forgive him, dummy.

your attempt to save your *** - FAIL!!





WHAT A Load of C R A P !

from both Spenla & EG.

Todd Spenla LIED About:

Employment History, About His qualifications, about what his company (or scam) is! About business deals and partners & everything else!

He has claimed different college backgrounds, different phony volunteer histories, different celebrity investors who would not URINATE on SPENLA!!

Where he allegedly worked as a Recruiter,


BTW i Am Not - Nor will ever be an employee of Todd Spenla, another lie that i am disgruntled, no i am honest..

he was & is a failure. ask his former pretty latina secretary what he claimed, boasted, promised, sadly she got cheated - had to leave!!

Todd Spenla, on the outside has finally become what he is on inside. A Fat, old, CREEP.

he even has a fake image on twitter, of him, walking somewhere, before any festivities had begun, acting like glitterati.

no one, no one has this amount of complaints against them. he has never made any honest money.

the truth will come out during him being brought to justice and in court.

anyways, Here an ELEGANT answer.

Todd Spenla, Should not be in any sort of job except bathroom attendant. (apologies to bathroom attendants)

He has lawsuits, complaints and serious legal charges to face. and face PUNISHMENTS for. he is a monster.


This rebuttal comes from the desk of Todd Spenla, Senior Managing Member and CEO of Microbanc, LLC. The above posting clearly comes from a disgruntled former employee. It is poorly written and contains a host of misrepresentations and inaccuracies. I will address each claim separately.

Firstly, Microbanc is a New York based global investment banking group. Our firm specializes in advising and raising capital for micro-cap and startup companies in a variety of sectors. My colleagues and I have a plethora of professional credentials in the investment banking and advisory industry. Microbanc's past successes have enabled Microbanc clients to raise hundreds of millions of dollars to help fund their respective ventures. Microbanc has a long list of success stories - over two dozen completed transactions. Even during the present financial crisis, we have managed to navigate our clients with successful outcomes and expansion of the group.

Secondly, we are, indeed, a retained firm for consulting services which include: advisement, valuations, preparing institutional quality business plans and proformas, Private Placement Memoranda (PPM), subscription documents, and, of course, providing exposure to our Rolodex of accredited investors in the capital markets. We pride ourselves in being a very selective with whom we work, and provide a full range of services to our clients. Our goal is to be a "one stop shop" for micro-cap and startup companies - that is Microbanc's motto.

Thirdly, we participate in a number of charities. In fact, Mr. Spenla is an assistant golf coach at NYU in my spare time, and receive a salary of $1 per year. I am very active within the NYU community, as well as my alma mater, Florida State University, where I received a full athletic scholarship.

Fourthly, Microbanc's corporate headquarters is based in New York City. We maintain a strong syndicate of partners that participate with us on a deal-by-deal basis. As such, Microbanc enjoys a tremendous deal-flow, allowing us to attract a "best of breed" client list with whom we work on a confidential basis. At Microbanc, we pride ourselves on providing personalized service and maintaining exceptional client relationships. This is our credo and why we created the firm in that the larger investment banks lack this one on one personalized service.

Finally, Microbanc's litigation has been from a former disgruntled managing member that was recently dismissed with no merits. If there are any inquiries about specific information regarding Microbanc and its activities, please contact us at the below referenced number.

The above posting have no merit and lack suffiecient information.

Very sincerely yours,

Todd Spenla

Managing Partner/ CEO



YKP, I don't know what your gripe is against Spenla, but I was the branch office compliance manager at Chatfield Dean during the entire time Spenla worked their. Spenla was an unlicensed recruiter there and I can assure you that had a word issued from his mouth about "investment-profits" to clients he would have been sanctioned.

No such action ever took place because he NEVER gave investment advice. Since I am currently in litigation against Todd, I think I'm objective about this.

While it is okay to take SHOTS against him, its not okay to take inaccurate untruthful cheap shots. So YKP who where the two branch office managers of the Office at Chatfield Dean if you worked there?


I hope the US Attorney/FBI reads this.

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